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Timothy C. Hall served with the Marines in Vietnam in the 1960s, after which he earned an Associate’s degree from Nassau Community College, a Bachelor’s degree from Adelphi University and a Master’s degree from the University of Memphis.

In the 1970s, he was an analyst with the governor’s office in Virginia and the U.S. Department of Labor in Colorado.  He also worked as a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, one of America’s oldest, largest and “best” management consulting firms, according to Forbes. 

In the 1980s he became director of the (Denver) Mayor’s Office of Employment and Training and the (Colorado) Governor’s Job Training office. Tim was also Director of Finance, Administration and Membership Development at the American Numismatic Association in Colorado Springs.

Through the 1990s and 2000s, Tim was CEO of Laradon Hall, Colorado’s first school for children with disabilities and Denver’s largest non-profit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities and special needs.

Concurrently, he was an Adjunct Professor in the Management and Human Resources areas at Webster University Graduate School and Chapman University.

He rounded out his career as the Deputy Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Human Services where he headed Veterans and Disability Services programs, retiring in 2009.

Tim has published numerous professional and technical articles and has also contributed to magazines and journals related to his pastimes, which have included vintage cars, competitive pistol shooting and flying Cessnas and Grumman Tigers.  He’s flown aerobatic planes (Pitts Special and Bellanca), skydived, and drag raced hot cars for many seasons at Bandimere Speedway/Thunder Mountain.

He is an honorary lieutenant with the Denver Police Department and serves on Denver’s Citizens Appreciate Police Board of Directors. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Oldsmobile Club and is active in veterans’ activities, causes and organizations.

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