The unsung heroes in our lives…

Dedicated to Those Who Helped and Didn’t Have To

We all know people who add to life because of the special things they do to help others.  And they do so without expectation of recognition or remuneration.  On the surface, there is nothing “in it” for them other than a sense of propriety and a belief that it is “the right thing to do.”  The simplest way to put it is they help(ed) others, sometimes in small ways; in other cases in significant and powerful ways. But the common denominator was doing something they didn’t have to do at all.  They could have just as easily walked on by without a second thought, but instead they reached out and made a difference.

For example, I am on the Board of Directors of Citizens Appreciate (Denver) Police.  In that capacity, I meet police officers who frequently go “above and beyond” to help people of all ages, using their own time and money, to make life better for needy kids, indigent families or people who are just down on their luck.   And few hear about those selfless actions.  Cops do these kinds of things every day and they don’t have to; that’s the defining point.

There are so many unsung heroes in our lives, our communities and our country.  I would encourage our readers to tell us who these heroes are and what they did.   We want to honor them through this website and we want to learn from them as well.  I’d say we want to be like them, helping make the world a better place for ourselves, our families and the whole human race.

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